Framing public problems

Measures to solve public problems largely depend on how the issues are framed. Try to reconstruct how the mafia phenomenon is framed (what is the problem? What are its origins? what causes it?) in the following policy measures:
– the special prison system for detainees, which strongly limits their contacts with the outside (what is the conception of the mafia problem underlying this provision?)
– education programs for legality in schools (what is the conception of the mafia problem underlying this provision?)
– support for anti-racket associations (what is the conception of the mafia problem underlying this measure?)
– anti-mafia certification of enterprises (what is the conception of the mafia problem underlying this provision?)

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  1. Not properly. You should have understood that framing processes somehow “determine” policy tools. In this case, the first policy tool is probably linked to a definition of the mafia problem in terms of organization, the second policy tool is clearly based on a conception of mafia as a cultural problem (mafia members have been socialized to this system and working on culture can prevent the problem), the third policy tool is linked to a conception of mafia as systematic exercise of threat and violence, and finally the last policy tool refers probably to mafia as characterized by the same logic of enterprises.

  2. About the last two types of policy tools, probably the mafia phenomenon can also be framed as a problem of economical development, because with racket criminal organizations frustrate the execution of business and productive activities. So, related to this point of view, maybe we could consider support for anti-racket associations like a policy tool able to contrast this injurious effect of mafia, working like an instrument based on subsidy.
    The last proposal, i think, could be related to a frame of the mafia phenomenon like an obstacle for the execution of tender notices for public works, for example, so the lawmaker introduce a policy tool based on regulation, like anti-mafia certification of enterprises, to try to fight the problem.

  3. – Policies of support for anti-racket associations are based on a vision of mafia as a criminal organization which strongly damage local economy where is settle in. it oppress economy operators by the imposition of raket. Also the mafia, just through the raket, can control the all area e grows its own power. so, this tool of policy can have double function. at first, try to raise again local economy giving support to economy operator. at second, to oppose to greater strength of mafia.

    -The anti-mafia certification of enterprises is based on a vision of mafia as an economic problem. the enterprises in collusion with mafia are able to win competition, through corruption and washing “dirty money”. in this way this enterprises bypass the rules and defile the economic market. So, using this tool of policy, mafia has seen as economy problem.

    is it right?

  4. The imposition of strong limitations to external contacts to prisoners for mafia crimes is probably based on a definition of the mafia problem as a social organization, with structured roles and an information exchange system that is able to persist even in the jail. This question should make you understand that there are often different definitions of the same problem behind different policy tools. Therefore, mafia is really an organizational problem, but it is also a cultural problem, of widespread socialization to illegal behaviors (a conception that almost automatically leads to the adoption of measures to develop the sense of legality in children and teenagers), and it is also a problem of…? Try to keep on applying the same perspective on the other two types of policy tools that I quoted.

  5. I am not sure to have understood.
    How can we understand how the Policy makers interprets this problem? Can We deduce It by tools of policy used?
    I try to answer about the first Point of question.

    About The Special Prison System for detainees, Which strongly limits the contacts with the outside, is Used a coercive tool of regulation. So we Can deduce that conception of the mafia problem is the behavior opposite to laws.
    This is the reason Why is applied a tour of regulation, as law, Which application is guaranteed by Police and judicial System.
    Is It a good answer ?

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