Stefania Ravazzi

This blog is managed by Stefania Ravazzi, professor of Public policy analysis at the University of Torino, Department of Cultures, Politics and Society.
She has a PhD in Political Science and her fields of research include: public policy, deliberative democracy and local governance. She has worked with local, national and international research groups. Most recent research projects regard urban regimes, urban economic policies and public deliberation processes on local environmental policies. She has taught BA courses (‘Political science’ and ‘Public management’), master courses (‘Theory and practice of deliberation’ at the Master in Policy Analysis) and advanced seminars (‘Game theory in Political Science’ at the University of Turin, ‘Collective choices and deliberation’ at the Turin School of Higher Education and the Milan-Turin Alta Scuola Politecnica). Since 2014 she teaches ‘Public policy analysis’ (Bachelor programme) and ‘Governing cities’ (Master Programme) at the University of Turin. She is deputy director of the Laboratory of Public Policies (Unito), member of the Standing groups ‘Democratic Innovations’, ‘Local government and politics’ and ‘Theoretical perspectives in policy analysis’ of the European Consortium of Political Research and of the Standing groups ‘Political Science and Public policy’, ‘Social movements and political participation’ and ‘Regional studies and local policies’ of the Italian Political Science Association.